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Decidability (logic)

Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Prerequisite — Turing Machine A problem is said to be Decidable if we can always construct a corresponding algorithm that can answer the problem correctly.

Examples — We will now consider few important Decidable problems : Are two regular languages L and M equivalent? We can easily check this by using Set Difference operation. Membership of a CFL? We can always find whether a string exists in a given CFL by using an algorithm based on dynamic programming. Ambiguity of CFG?

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This is a fine, as new, paperback copy, 3rd printing, yellow cover. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 1. Robinson Collaborator. Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good.

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First Edition. Flexible yellow card covers, with yellow dustjacket.

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Published by Amsterdam: North-Holland, About this Item: Amsterdam: North-Holland, Soft cover. No Jacket. Original flexible yellow boards. Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics.

Undecidable Theories: Studies in Logic and the Foundation of Mathematics by Alfred Tarski

But these results did not attract much attention, and it was generally thought that the Tarski school was almost entirely dedicated to working on decidability results. It was thus quite unexpected when, in , Tarski published the short book Undecidable Theories with Andrzej Mostowski and Raphael Robinson as co-authors. It was divided into three distinct parts: the first and third written by Tarski alone and the second written jointly with Mostowski and Robinson. The main new concept of the first part of the book is that of a theory being essentially undecidable, which means that the theory together with all its consistent extensions is undecidable.

Unlike Cardinal Algebras , which appealed to a rather limited audience, Undecidable Theories attracted widespread interest among logicians; besides being short it was easy to read and its elegant, widely applicable, and powerful methods led to a great deal of subsequent research.

Undecidability Tangent (History of Undecidability Part 1) - Computerphile

To some extent the difference in reception also lay in the fact that the former book more or less finished off a subject, whereas the latter opened up a whole new series of lines to follow' Anita Burdman Feferman and Solomon Feferman, Alfred Tarski: Life and Logic, , pp. Several publishers advertisements and post cards laid in. Part of the long-running Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics series, and one of the earliest volumes in the series. Tarski is undeniably one of the greatest logicians in history and made significant groundbreaking contributions in mathematics and logic during the the twentieth century.

An attractive copy of this book collecting a number of early and important undecidability results demonstrating both the direct and indirect methods of proving a theory is undecidable and providing elegant and powerful general methods for establishing these kinds of results. Add to Cart Ask a Question.