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Posner said the files might draw a fuller picture of the early s beyond the specific questions about the assassination. Cold War scholars and historians may find this as interesting as Kennedy assassination researchers. According to the archives, 88 percent of the documents in the collection created by the law have been released in full and another 11 percent have been released with portions redacted. Just 1 percent have been withheld in full until now.

Jefferson Morley, an author who spent years suing the C.

Trump would defer to some agency demands and withhold a portion of the archive. But he said he nonetheless hoped it would answer some questions for researchers that linger after nearly 54 years. Morley, editor of the assassination website JFKfacts. Spymaster James Jesus Angleton. Morley said that the C.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Morley also said that with the potential release of what may total more than , pages, no one should expect instant answers on what they contained. He noted that while the documents have not been previously made public, they all were seen years ago by the J. Assassination Records Review Board and were unlikely to significantly affect the official story. He cautioned against conspiratorial thinking that runs against the evidence, which he finds persuasive, that Oswald alone killed Kennedy.

1. Introduction

Holland said. The problem is really with us. Indeed, the Kennedy assassination has continued to intrigue and puzzle the American public long after most of the main players have died. While the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted alone, most people have never accepted the official version of events. A poll by Gallup in , at the time of the 50th anniversary, found that 61 percent of Americans still believed that others besides Oswald were involved — and that was the lowest percentage of skeptics found in nearly a half century.

Clay Shaw, a New Orleans businessman, is acquitted of charges of conspiracy in Kennedy's murder, after 50 minutes of deliberation.

Files will shed light on a JFK shooting conspiracy – but not the one you think

He is the only person prosecuted over the assassination. The panel found it "likely" that conspiracies were behind Kennedy's murder, including a possible second gunman on "the grassy knoll" in Dallas. The committee also believed organized crime was "probably" involved. A few months later, Seinfeld parodies the elaborate conspiracy theorizing around the Zapruder film and "magic bullet" theory. Congress enacts the JFK Records Collection Act and orders the release of 3, secret documents in an attempt to quash conspiracy theories.

The documents are ordered released with a year deadline. He cites the National Enquirer, a tabloid, as his source. What conspiracy? Not one involving a second assassin in Dealey Plaza.

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All of the most credible evidence continues to point to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman in Dallas. Not some sort of mafia plot that resulted in the silencing of Oswald two days later by Dallas strip-club impresario Jack Ruby. Really, what half-way competent Mob boss would choose a delusional blabbermouth like Ruby to carry out a second Crime of the Century by murdering Oswald? Remarkably enough, it is the word that the CIA itself applies to what happened immediately after the assassination. And in conspiring to hide evidence of their bungling before the assassination — a conspiracy exposed document by document over the last half-century — the CIA and FBI helped launch the much larger wave of conspiracy theories that followed and are likely to plague us forever.

Since the late s, opinion polls have shown consistently that a majority of the American people are convinced that the government has never told them the full truth about the murder of their president. And their skepticism, the evidence shows, has always been justified.

Yes, Oswald was a violent, delusional misfit.

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In fact, both the CIA and FBI had Oswald under aggressive surveillance in the months before the assassination — and knew he was talking to people who, at the height of the cold war, might also have wanted to see Kennedy dead.