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Post from Aleksander to Sorry people but the yugoslavs can have a high percent of being illyrians! But the albanians r those who r directly! The ortodoks church of greece , serbia n bulgaria make possible the unification of these nations but not according to their ethnicity but according to their religion! Many of southern albanian became greks due to the church. If isnt so can u tell me how can Or the serbs who their principality had only Their church took the slavic people who werent serbs n gaved them serb nationality. Post from Praud albano ilurian to Post from Illyrian to Post from Srdja to Home - 25 thousand years ago, the pass - 12 thousand years ago.

This phase - very important for the future of Europeans in general, and the Aryans in particular. There was a kind of future allocation of the Slavs.

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And so it was that he was still in Asia, on the way to the west, 18, years ago there was a mutation of M, which gave Haplogroup R1, and followed by mutation of R25, resulting in a future version of the Western European R1b. This happened 16, years ago. Some carriers R1b remained in Asia, and continue to carry this haplogroup and now.

Typical of their representatives - the Celts, who appeared in Western Europe years ago. By the way, the Celts - the name of a collective and were first used in its modern sense is not so long ago, in the early 18 th century, Edward Lyde, director Ashmoleanskogo Museum in Oxford. Traveling for the museum, he drew attention to the similarity of languages uelstsev, Cornish, Breton, Irish, Scots Gallic, and the ancient Gallic language. He combined these languages under a common, he had invented the name of Celtic languages.

But back to the group R1b. Nashe, Slavic ancestor in the group was not - nor with those who remained in Asia, nor with those who went to the Caucasus or in Western Europe. These two mutations remained for all those who form a kind of Aryans.

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In other words, haplogroup R1a1. The language in which they said was Aryan, simply by definition. And since that time the aria a thousand - fifteen hundred years since spread throughout Europe, both West and East, it is not surprising that from India to the Atlantic, three - three and a half thousand years ago, began to speak in similar dialects. And even more surprising that British linguists, arrived in India through 3, years after the events described, discovered this fact. And called the group of Indo-European languages. It is at that time, years ago, it was reasonable.

File:Map of Prehistoric Sites & Cultures Illyrian v2 (English).png

But now obsolete. To name something is possible, but we must remember that it was the cause. Post from haha to Post from wtf??? Post from jo to Ionians, Dorians and Aeolians. They make up the Hellenes. LOL and btw thracians ofc greek Post from Kiril to Dear Jo, Thanks for clearing this up for all of us especially igenea and all the other genetic institutes out their.

Thank you for revising the current ancient tribes list, so by your reckoning it should read as follows; 1. Aborigines 2. Arians 3. Egyptians 4.

Historical Warfare : The Illyrian Warrior

Ashkenazi 5. Arabs 6. Balts 7.

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Bantu 8. Basque 9. Berber China Cohen Dacians Etruscans Teutons Hellenes Huns Iberians Illyrians Indians Inca Inuit Italians Japanese Jews Celts Koreans Kurds Levi Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Who were the Illyrians? Cite this page: Carr, K. Who were the Illyrians?. September 25, About the Author: Karen Carr. A severe crisis developed in late when private pyramid-investment schemes — widely thought to have been supported by the government — inevitably collapsed. New elections were called, and the victorious Socialist Party under Nano — who had been freed from prison by the rampaging mob — was able to restore some degree of security and investor confidence.

But the new wave of violence destroyed many of the remaining industries still left from the communist era.

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  • Towns where the whole working population was employed by one mine or factory were left destitute as the economy collapsed again. In spring Albania faced a crisis of a different sort. This time it was the influx of , refugees from neighbouring Kosovo during the Serbian ethnic-cleansing campaign. While this put a tremendous strain on resources, the net effect has in fact been positive. Substantial amounts of international aid money have poured in, the service sector has grown and inflation has declined to single digits.

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    Since the country has found itself in a kind of miniboom with much money being poured into construction projects and infrastructure renewal. Albanian politics and the economy have been stable, but work still has to be done to ensure that there is an end to electricity shortages and other infrastructure deficiencies that plague the country. Hopes are high that NATO membership will be achieved by , while an invitation to the EU club remains an elusive goal. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries.

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