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Lin Clark has a tutorial about how to publish a jQuery plugin via npm. Bringing asm. Kyle Simpson.

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O'Reilly Media. New Relic. We can help with relocation and are open to H1-B transfers. Hired gives top Javascript developers more power in their job search. Join Hired today! The io. Garris Shipon. Lin Clark. How to Publish Your jQuery Plugins to npm. Compatibility issues? Time to try ZingChart! See it in action. Oguz Bastemur.

Now asm. Red Gate Software. Do you? When you test it in a browser, see if it looks like what you expected.


Also, you might want to see what it looks like in different browsers and on your mobile device. Remember: Web browsers are free. If you want to make some more changes, go to www. There youll find a list of all the color names you can use with HTML5. See if you can change the color names in the code to ones you like. In fact, most browsers were bundled with the latest plug-ins for Flash so that users could view pages created with Flash and Flash Builder Flex. However, the original HTML had very few words with which to describe what the developer and designer wanted.

More help was available for creating Web pages in the form of plug-ins that were able to run.

The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

All that means is that the browser is reading the code and interpreting it to do what its told to do. Its just like an international interpreter who speaks English and Russian the interpreter parses Russian so that the English speaker understands it and English so that Russian speaker understands it.

Strictly speaking, the parser is part of the interpreter in the browser, but for all practical purposes, just think of parsing as involved in getting the Web page to do what you told it to do in the tags you used in your Web file. In order to correctly parse HTML5, two things have to happen: You have to write the code correctly, and your browser has to interpret it correctly.

Node.js recommended more than 20 learning websites and books

Thats why standards are important. Basically, standards insure that when you write HTML5 code according to the rules set down, your code does what you expect it to do in all browsers and on all computers. Ironically, the standards allow for the most designer and developer creativity. If you want to have the page look or act in a certain way, following the standards used by the browsers that interpret your creations, theyll look the way you want them to look and behave as expected.

If either you or the browser fails to follow the standards, your creativity is ruined. We dont want that now, do we? Youll also find that only certain kinds of other files are recognized by the browsers interpreter and need certain extensions. Here are the most common file types youll encounter:.

The most important of these are the graphic files because the tools you use for your graphics may automatically save them with different filenames than those that can be used for the Web. For example, Adobe Photoshop automatically saves files as. Neither graphic file format can be used with Web pages. However, most graphic creation tools will save the files as. When you use Save As, you can select from an available list of file types on most tools, including text editors, word processors, and graphic drawing tools.

Fixing Windows default le extension settings The default settings for Windows 7 and earlier versions is to hide le extensions. That will give your les a cleaner appearance, but if you have to decide between selecting a graphic le with a. Heres what to do:. Open the Control Panel. Now youll be able to see all your le extensions. So, when you want to load a graphic le, youll know whether its a.

Heres what you need to do to x it for writing Web pages:. Open TextEdit. In the TextEdit menu at the top of the screen, choose Preferences. The Preferences dialog box appears. Directly, HTML5 recognizes, the. However, youll see a reference to. Likewise, JavaScript files are saved with a. For example, the following code loads the external. With JavaScript, the external. The following loads a JavaScript file named doMagic. To get started, you wont be modifying the tags with CSS.

You can modify it to be a small green font with CSS if you want, but youll have to wait for Chapter 3 to see how to use CSS to do that. You can write all the HTML5 pages you want using that method and not much else, and your page will work just fine. Naturally, youre going to want to create pages with a bit of flair and help the browser know right off the bat what youre up to, but for the most part, you just write tags. So, lets start with the basic HTML5 container.

Thats it! Every Web page you make should begin with that tag, and you do not need a closing tag. The exclamation mark! This tag announces the beginning of HTML code and ends when the browser encounters the closing tag. Think of the head area as the housekeeping portion of a page. Whatever is in the head will be loaded first, no matter where its used in the rest of the HTML page.

Smashing JavaScript Everywhere by Guillermo Rauch, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

To get started, all thats going into the head is the pages title. The title appears at the top of the Web page when you run it. That title appears on the pages Windows and tabs. If you dont put it in, youll end up with a blank or default title. Figure shows how the title appears in different browsers. As you can see, the title Seriously Sweet Page appears in different places on the four main browsers.

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On some, it appears at the top of the window and the tab, only at the top of the page, and only on the tab. This helps the user find your page when multiple pages are open simultaneously or simply reminds the user which page hes viewing. Between the opening and closing body elements, you put everything you want on your page.

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  • The following set of tags should go on every page you create in fact, you might as well use it as a template and save it somewhere so you dont have to start off with an empty page to code. Figure The title appearing on Web pages and tabs. As you proceed in this book, youll find more and more structural elements to include. However, the preceding few lines will get you off and running with your Web pages. However, the element is just one part of a tag. Each tag has attributes and the attributes have values.

    So, tags are better conceived of in the following terms:. Element: The name Attribute: Some characteristic of the element Values: A state or condition of the attribute. Attribute language. The number of attributes is different for different elements. Depending on the element, different kinds of attributes will be available, and depending on the attribute, different types of values can be applied. As a general rule of thumb, use quotation marks around values, including around numbers.

    2.1 Server-side with - Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript

    You have to be careful about what you put in between the double quotes. However, the value Sick em, he said would not work because two pairs of double quotes are included. The language attribute The language lang attribute in the HTML tag is not used unless youre creating a page for something other than English. For example, the following are a list of other languages in which you may develop Web pages and their corresponding language attribute values:.

    Unlike some attributes, the lang attribute has a wide range of values. Go to www.