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Talal Asad. Jacques Derrida. Michael Rothberg. Hubert Damisch.

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Andreas Huyssen. Reinhart Koselleck.

Roberto Esposito. Jacob Taubes.

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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. On Historicizing Epistemology : An Essay. Description Epistemology, as generally understood by philosophers of science, is rather remote from the history of science and from historical concerns in general.

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And no topic has grown and thrived quite like the philosophy of biology, which now has many students in the field producing high-quality articles and monographs. The success of this subject is due above all to the work and influence of one man: David Hull. In his own writings and in the support he has given to others, he has shown true leadership, in the best Platonic sense.

It is now twenty years since Hull fnt gave his seminal paper 'What the philosophy of biology is not', and to mark that point and to show our respect, gratitude and affection to its author, a number of us who owe much to Hull decided to produce a volume of essays on and around themes to which Hull has spoken.

Topics in the Philosophy of Biology.

The philosophy of biology should move to the center of the philosophy of science - a place it has not been accorded since the time of Mach. Physics was the paradigm of science, and its shadow falls across con temporary philosophy of biology as well, in a variety of contexts: reduction, organization and system, biochemical mechanism, and the models of law and explanation which derive from the Duhem-Popper Hempel tradition. This volume, we think, offers ample evidence of how good contempo rary work in the philosophical understanding of biology has become.

Marjorie Grene and Everett Mendelsohn aptly combine a deep philo sophical appreciation of conceptual issues in biology with an historical understanding of the radical changes in the science of biology since the 19th century. In this book, they present essays which probe such historical and methodological questions as reducibility, levels of organization, function and teleology, and the range of issues emerging from evolution ary theory and the species problem. XXIII and the occasional essays on these topics which we have published in other volumes listed below , this volume contributes to bringing biology to the center of philosophical attention.

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II, III, What Scientists Think. Jeremy Stangroom.

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What are scientists working on today? What do they worry about? What do they think about the working of the brain, climate change, animal experimentation, cancer, and mental illness? Is science progressing or in retreat? Is this century humankind's last? These are just some of the compelling and provocative questions tackled here by twelve of the world's leading scientists and scientific thinkers. In engaging and lucid discussion, they clarify many of the most urgent scientific challenges and dilemmas facing science today. The present volume aims at giving a discussion ot the problems ot reductionism in contemporary life sciences.

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Also, the holistic perspective, 1. The message ot this discussion Is that - whereas reductionism is indeed an important strategy - the systems approach is needed. It is argued by some ot the authors that organisms are complex systems and not just heaps of molecules, 50 that the analytical method does not suffice. Recent developments in systems theory offer the possibility to install a more comprehensive view ot living systems what can be seen particularly in the field ot evolutionary biology.

It is true that any organismic activity is molecular, this is to say that it is based on molecular mechanisms. On Historicizing Epistemology : An Essay. Epistemology, as generally understood by philosophers of science, is rather remote from the history of science and from historical concerns in general.

Rheinberger shows that, from the late nineteenth through the late twentieth century, a parallel, alternative discourse sought to come to terms with the rather fundamental experience of the thoroughgoing scientific changes brought on by the revolution in physics. Philosophers of science and historians of science alike contributed their share to what this essay describes as an ongoing quest to historicize epistemology.